Life after covid

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LIFE, after covid

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1. Dr. Meera Krishnappa 

More than 35 years in the educational field with strong interpersonal skills. Masters in History, M.Phil in Education with a Law degree. Ph.D in Education At present she is serving as a Director, in SHEETAL (Solutions for Holistic Educational Excellence, Training and Learning)

“The pandemic has changed our lives in more ways than one. The world had become a mad rat race which has now been indefinitely slowed down. We need to reflect on the positive changes in our life rather than focus on the negative aspects. People who never had time for family are spending time with their near and dear ones. No visits to malls and hotels and eating healthy food has become the norm. Hygiene is the topmost priority and we are getting in touch with our traditions and culture.”

2. Dr. Shuba Dharmana

After Graduating from Andhra Medical College, she moved to the UK where she trained and practiced as a General Practitioner for over 10 years and undertook a Post Graduate Diploma in, Clinical Dermatology from the University of Cardiff. Dr.Shuba also trained in Hair Transplantation Techniques in Poland under Dr.Marwan Saifi and under several eminent aesthetic surgeons across UK. Whilst in the UK, she successfully established two clinics. She came back to India and started the “Lejeune” group of Medspas, which she presently runs in Bangalore & Hyderabad and also consults at various multispecialty hospitals across India. 

“Everything happens for a certain purpose and certain good. We have not yet as a human race reached our potential hence I believe we will get over this and continue to explore challenges and peaks.”

3. Ms. Bhagya G

With more than 18 years in the educational field and being a prolific author, she has just submitted her thesis and has extensive experience as a teacher and in the administration of Institutes.

“In the light of the pandemic, there are institutions in the higher education has brought out innovative practices. There has been a healthy movement taking place in the area of quality. It’s a commendable step taken across the world. The best practices are not homogenized and standardized across all regions. The best practices are replicated by many institutions to have a competitive edge. In the modern times, educational institution ah higher education sector has become more accountable and to cater to all the stake holders. To achieve this quality management at the institution is a must to reach the ultimate goal of education.”

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The participation certificates will be emailed to you, after the event.