Basics of digital marketing - Website conversion through lead generation

Generating leads is one of the objectives most sought after by marketers trying to achieve conversions and increase their profits. To begin with, do you know what a lead is or what exactly does it mean in the field of marketing? You may know it, and yet those leads don't end up being customers.

Here, you will learn in detail what leads are, why they are so important to get more sales and what is the way to generate qualified leads in digital marketing. Shall we start?

A lead in online marketing
There are different ways of understanding what a lead, contact or registration is, depending on the moment of the marketing campaign in which we find ourselves, the user's own purchase process or the level of involvement that he has shown with the brand. That is why even within the field of online marketing itself, a certain ambiguity is usually created when talking about leads.

Well, we will start with the basic concept so that you understand it.

A lead is a user who has delivered their data to a company and, as a consequence, becomes a record in its database with which the organization can interact.   This registration can be done physically, with paper and pen, or online, through a form.

In this step there is a key transaction in which the user gives the company their personal data in exchange for getting something, such as access to specialized content, a technical sheet, a product catalog for other companies, etc.

For its part, the company can reach the user almost as if it were a two-way communication, only in a non-intrusive way and in a way that the user practically does not perceive it. For what? Well, for the company to have "permission" to interact with this user: send him communications, share content that may be interesting to him due to the phase of the purchase cycle in which he is and, even, make commercial offers, but to that already we will arrive. This process will be done through automated marketing techniques.

The fundamental idea is that, thanks to the conversion to a lead, we can contact this person, who is no longer a mere unknown and nameless visit, to offer them content related to our product or service.

To treat a user as a lead, it is essential that this person has accepted the company's privacy policy.

Leads are important for a company
As you well know by now, a lead is the person who is interested in your company and who could become a customer, even though they may not yet be at the point where they are interested in our products or services. This is why leads are the basis of an inbound marketing strategy. A strategy in which, little by little, we have to convince them that our products or services interest them and are effective in solving their concerns or needs. Relax, that time will come. Almost all of these strategies are aimed at getting customers, but this requires a more or less long road.