JavaScript - Number

Javascript's Number type represents a numeric value. It can be a Integer, Float, or any other type of number. The Number type is used to perform arithmetic operations, to store numerical data, and to control the precision of the values used in a program.

In Javascript, numbers are not distinct from other data types and can be used in expressions with other data types such as strings, objects, and Booleans.

For example, the following are valid uses of the Number type in Javascript:

let x = 42; // Integer

let y = 3.14; // Float

let z = x + y; // Result of arithmetic operation

let a = x * "2"; // Result of numeric operation with string

Javascript provides several built-in methods for working with numbers, such as Number.parseInt() and Number.parseFloat() for converting strings to numbers, and Number.toFixed() for controlling the number of decimal places in a floating-point number.