SQL - Drop Table

The SQL DROP TABLE statement is used to remove an existing table from the database. 

DROP TABLE table_name;
  • DROP TABLE: This is the SQL keyword used to indicate that you want to drop a table.
  • table_name: Specify the name of the table you want to drop.

Here's an example that demonstrates how to drop a table named "Customers":

DROP TABLE Customers;

When you execute the above statement, the "Customers" table will be permanently removed from the database, along with all its associated data and schema.

It's important to exercise caution when using the DROP TABLE statement because it permanently deletes the table and all its data. Make sure to take appropriate backups or verify that you have a backup before executing the DROP TABLE statement.

Note that some database management systems may have additional options or variations for the DROP TABLE statement. For instance, you might have options to cascade the deletion to related objects or specify conditions for dropping the table. Refer to the documentation of your specific database management system for more details on the DROP TABLE statement and its options.