SQL - Select In

The SELECT ... IN clause is used to retrieve rows that match any value in a specified list of values. It allows you to specify multiple conditions in a single query and retrieve rows that have values matching any of the conditions.

SELECT column1, column2, ...
FROM table_name
WHERE column_name IN (value1, value2, ...);


Let's assume we have a "Tutorials" table with the following columns:

TutorialID (unique identifier for each tutorial)

Title (title of the tutorial)

IsFull (1 if the tutorial is complete, 0 if it's not complete)

Details (detailed content of the tutorial)

To select the full details of tutorials that have specific TutorialIDs, we can use the following query:

SELECT TutorialID, Title, Details
FROM Tutorials
WHERE TutorialID IN (1, 3, 5);


The SELECT statement specifies the columns you want to retrieve from the table. In this case, we're selecting TutorialID, Title, and Details.

The FROM clause indicates the table from which we want to retrieve data. In this case, it's the "Tutorials" table.

The WHERE clause is used to specify a condition to filter the rows. Here, we're using the IN operator to check if the TutorialID column is included in the specified list of values.

Inside the IN operator, we specify the list of TutorialIDs we want to match against. In the example query, we're retrieving tutorials with TutorialIDs 1, 3, and 5.

By executing this query, you will retrieve the TutorialID, Title, and Details of tutorials that have TutorialIDs matching any of the specified values (1, 3, 5).