Telugu Typing - Advanced Telugu Typing Characters

To type uppercase characters and special characters in Telugu using the InScript keyboard layout, you can utilize the "Shift" key just like you would on an English QWERTY keyboard. Here are some examples of how to type uppercase characters and special characters with the "Shift" key in InScript layout:

1. Uppercase Characters:

To type an uppercase Telugu character, you can do the following:

For example, to type క (ka) in uppercase, press Shift + క.

2. Special Characters:

The InScript layout includes special characters and symbols for punctuation, just like in English. Here's how to access some common special characters:

దండము (Full Stop): Press . (period key).

అంశవిరామం (Comma): Press , (comma key).

ప్రశ్నాధిచిహ్నం (Question Mark): Press ? (question mark key).

విరామచిహ్నం (Semicolon): Press ; (semicolon key).

అద్భుతము (Asterisk): Press Shift + 8 (the * key).

You can use the "Shift" key along with other character keys to access uppercase characters and special symbols as needed. The process is quite similar to typing in English on a standard keyboard.