Telugu Typing - How to switch to the InScript layout

To switch to the InScript layout for Telugu typing on your computer, you will need to adjust your keyboard settings. InScript is one of the commonly used keyboard layouts for typing in Indian languages, including Telugu. Here are the steps to switch to the InScript layout on Windows and macOS:

For Windows:

Go to your computer's "Settings" or "Control Panel."

Navigate to "Time & Language" or "Language & Region."

In the "Language" settings, click on "Preferred languages."

Click "Add a language" and search for "Telugu."

Select "Telugu - InScript" as your preferred Telugu keyboard layout.

You may also want to add the "Telugu" language as a display language to see system text in Telugu.

Once you've added Telugu - InScript as a keyboard layout, it should appear in your taskbar or system tray. You can switch between languages by clicking on the language icon or by using the keyboard shortcut (often Alt+Shift).

For macOS:

Open "System Preferences."

Go to "Keyboard."

In the "Input Sources" tab, click the "+" button to add a new input source.

Search for "Telugu" and select "Telugu - InScript."

Make sure to enable the "Show Input menu in the menu bar" option.

In your menu bar, you should now see an icon (likely a flag) that allows you to switch between keyboard layouts.

You can easily switch between the InScript layout and any other keyboard layouts you have enabled using the language or input source icon in your system menu. This allows you to type in Telugu when needed and switch back to your default keyboard layout when you want to type in another language.

Once you've switched to the InScript layout, you can start typing in Telugu by following the key placements for Telugu characters in the InScript layout, as explained in a previous response.

Typing sentences with InScript layout

here are some sentences you can type using the InScript layout for Telugu typing. Follow the key placements provided earlier to type the Telugu characters correctly.

నా పేరు చట్టము. (My name is Chhattamu.)

తెలుగు భాష సౌకర్యపద్దతికి ఆసక్తికరంగా ఉంది. (The Telugu language is interesting for the convenience method.)

మీ ఇంటికి వచ్చాను. (I have come to your house.)

సహాయం చిరంజీవి జీవనంకు ప్రత్యక్షం పనిచేస్తుంది. (Help contributes to a long and meaningful life.)

పిలులు విద్యను ప్రేరణ కొరకు పేదలకు కల్పించుతాయి. (Children inspire adults to learn for the sake of knowledge.)

ప్రకృతి పర్యావరణం రక్షిస్తుంది. (Nature protects the environment.)

వాహనం స్వేచ్చగా నడిచాలి. (Vehicles should be driven responsibly.)

మీరు ఎలా ఉన్నారు? (How are you?)

నాకు పాఠశాల అనికి వెళ్ళడం కావాలి. (I need to go to school.)

ఈ సారదా కలిస్తుంది. (This is good.)

Practice typing these sentences to improve your proficiency with the InScript layout for Telugu typing.