Online learning during covid pandemic

Online learning has been a boon for students during the recent covid pandemic. The pandemic forced many schools to shut down and cancel classes, but there were still ways for students to continue their studies. Many schools and universities opened up their online portals so that students could continue their studies through the internet. This helped them maintain a sense of normalcy while they were unable to attend classes on campus.

The internet has become our go-to place for information and entertainment. However, during a crisis like the pandemic, it can be difficult to find accurate and reliable sources of information. Online learning is an important tool in combating the spread of covid. It is a way to educate people on the dangers of covid and how to protect themselves against it.

Online learning is a great opportunity for people to get educated, but it is not without its risks. In the event of a pandemic, the internet may become congested and networks may be shut down. Online learning could become inaccessible and it would be important to have alternative methods of getting educated.