Impact of digital technology on student’s learning

We board a digital world and it's not surprising that our schools are following the trend. As digital technology becomes more and more present in our lives, we are seeing a shift from traditional teaching methods to ones that use technology. With the arrival of smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets, it's never been easier to access information at any time. this suggests that students can now learn at their own pace without having to attend for the teacher to distribute materials or answer questions. they will also learn new skills by watching videos.

This shift has led to a rise in student engagement as they're able to learn the way they require and once they want while having the ability to interact with others online via social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. The digital age has had a big impact on the way people learn. With more and more educational institutions and universities adopting digital technologies, students are now ready to access their learning materials from any device, anytime and anywhere.

Digital technologies have also enabled new ways of learning for both students and teachers. for instance, with the assistance of digital technology, teachers can create interactive lessons that are engaging for their students. there's also a shift from traditional teaching methods to flipped classrooms where lectures are recorded in order that they will be watched at reception or at school.

Digital technology has changed the way we interact with information and with one another. The digital age has caused a shift in how we predict, how we work, and the way we learn. In the meantime, the employment of technology in education has risen dramatically. There are many ways that technology is changing the way students learn. it's changing what, when, and the way they learn by providing new tools for learning that don't seem to be only more engaging but also more efficient.