Exploring the Start menu

Exploring the Start menu


Starting and Closing a program
Starting a program
A program must be started before it can be used
To start a program
Click the Start button
Locate and click the program’s name in the submenus
An open or running program

A program which has been started

Program button

Appears on the taskbar for each open program
Click to switch between open programs
Close button
Located in the upper-right corner of the program window
Click to close the program
Running Multiple Programs

Ability to run multiple programs on Windows XP at the same time
Allows the user to work on more than one project at a time
The active program is the one you are currently using
Program buttons
Located on the taskbar
Offer the easiest way to switch between programs
Closing Inactive Programs from the Taskbar
Options for closing a program
Use the Close button on the title bar of the program window
Use the shortcut menu associated with the program button on the taskbar