Nudi Software - Introduction

Nudi is a computer program and font-encoding standard used for managing and displaying the Kannada script.

The Karnataka government owns and makes the Nudi software available for free. It was developed by the Kannada Ganaka Parishat, a non-profit organisation. Most of the fonts included with Nudi can be used for dynamic font embedding purposes; however, since the fonts and software are available freely, they can be used in other situations as well, for example database management. It is a font-encoding based standard (i.e., it uses ASCII values to store glyphs). However, Nudi editor provides saving in Unicode and Nudi engine provides inputting data in Unicode provided the system provides support to Unicode and system has an opentype font.

Nudi supports most of the windows based database systems like Access, Oracle, SQL, DB2 etc., It also supports MySQL.

Word processing
Open Office
OpenOffice (same as LibreOffice) is a public software useful for making documents, spreadsheets and presentation files. OpenOffice Writer is very similar to MS Word. OpenOffice Calc is similar to Excel. OpenOffice Impress is like MS Powerpoint.

OpenOffice works on both Windows and Ubuntu.

Using OpenOffice writer, you can type reports, documents, edit them, format them well and save them in many document formats - .odt, .html, .doc (.xls, .ppt) , .docx (.xlsx, .pptx) etc. It also has an 'export to PDF' option for making PDF document with a single click.

Department of Information Technology, Government of India has recommended the ODF format used in OpenOffice/LibreOffice as the standard for documents used in government.
Activity 1
Purpose: To write a document using Open Office Writer
Select Application > Office > Word Processor
Type the following Passage into the Open Office Writer

What is Public Software?
Software developed for public service, and especially in government, has a unique context and objectives deriving from those of public service; with its imperative of providing public goods and ensuring equity and social justice.

You can try the following option to format the text
1.Bold the heading
2.Make the heading centered

Select Menu Option File > Save As to save the file, name the file About-Public-Software. A file called About-Public-Software.odt will be created in your folder Documents.