Social media - Facebook


1. How to create a Facebook brand page



Learn to make Facebook Page, To make Facebook page Click on Create. Click On Page, You can make 2 Types of Pages, Business or Brand: For your offline or online business, Community or public figure: For Community or fan pages, Click on Get Started, Type name of your page, Enter the type of business and select from the menu, Click continue, Choose an Image as your profile photo. You can also skip it now to do it later, Choose an Image as your Cover photo. You can also skip it now to do it later, Congratulations!! You made a Facebook page, Refresh the page to see the cover photo.


2. Is facebook marketing important for brands and companies?



Look at some numbers. Facebook is by far the largest social media platform. Facebook has about 2.5 Billion active users, as of April 2020. Facebook has a viral effect because of high number of friends. Facebook's 'Like' system knows what users will like and what their friends like. Facebook offers real profiles compared to Youtube and Twitter. Each profile shows real interests of people. On your page, you can check what kinds of people are engaged. This will help you improve your product and services. Facebook owns 4 out of 6 top social media platforms. Facebook, Whatsapp, FB Messenger, Instagram. They are well integrated across platforms and thus can be used for cross-sectional advertising. In the long term, it is important to have a budget allocated to run ads. You need a Facebook business page to run ads. Reach out to more people like the ones who have already liked your page and grow your audience


3. How to change Facebook page cover image



You can change the page picture by clicking on updates and upload photos. To make your own logo page picture for profile go to and you can sign up for Canva with Google or Facebook account. Click on ?Create a design? and search for a logo. To select a background, click on ?Background? on the left side. You can select a solid color as a background. To add a logo letter, click on ?Text? and select ?Add a heading?. Type the first letter of your company?s name. Click on a font to select the font of the letter. Enter the size of the font. Click and drag at edges of the box to make it center. Select the color of the font. To save the logo click on ?Download? and save it. To add the logo as your profile picture, click on the update. Click on upload photo and select photos from the computer. Use the slider to adjust the size of the logo. Click on save. Congratulations!! You made your own logo and uploaded it as a page profile picture.


4. How to change the cover picture on facebook page



To add a cover to your page, select upload photo/videos. Select the cover image you want from computer folder. Drag to reposition the image and click save. Your cover photo is added! You can also use photo of your store as cover image. To design your own cover image, go to


5. Details of the "About us" section, on a Facebook page



The About section helps visitors to know about your business. You can check it to see the address, phone number, opening hours, and much more. To add your business information to your page. Click on the ?About? tab. You can add all your basic and business information here. You can also add all your contact details below. You can also add your brand?s story along with pictures. You can make more changes by clicking on ?Edit Page Info?. You can tick/untick this box to hide or show information on the page. You can add the opening hours of your business. You can also look at other Facebook Pages to get an idea. Check if all your information is added.


6. How to create a post on a Facebook page



On your new page, you will have a post about cover and profile updates. You need to delete them so that they are not visible to page visitors. You can also hide them from your timeline. You can create a new post by selecting the options on the top. Create a milestone post for important announcements. Add the title and story. You can choose and upload a photo to go along with the text. You just made your first page post! To get ideas on what to post you can check other pages. Go to a page that has a good following. Click on the ?Posts? section to see all their posts. Posts could have a link to your blog articles. Posts can have Sale/Offer/Discount announcements. You can add a photo and link to your website in the post. You can run competitions where your followers can share stories. These posts can be helpful to get likes, comments, and shares. You can make seasonal and holiday announcements. You can also add videos to your posts

You can encourage visitors to write comments, share, and like the page. Make posts with links, photos, and videos before inviting people to like your page.


7. How to organically increase Facebook page likes



Invite friends from your profile to like your page. You can select the friends you want to send an invite to. You can search them by name using the search bar. They will get a notification and message once you send the invitation. Go to the ?About? tab of your page. Add yourself as a team member. Anyone who checks your profile can see the page listed. Go to your personal profile and add ?Workplace?. Select your page and add a link to it in the description. Facebook will make a post about it on your personal timeline. Your page will also be visible to anyone who checks your profile. You can make a post asking everyone to like your page. You can ask your employees to do the same. Add link to your page as a Gmail signature. Go to ?See all settings?. Scroll down to add a signature. Create a new signature add name and link. Your page link will be added at the end of each email you send. You can get your contact list and send them emails to like your page. Go to the ?Export? tab. This will give you a sheet with all the contacts you can send emails to.


8. Other ways to increase facebook page likes



Scroll down to a post that is liked by someone. Invite people who have liked your post to like your page. They will get a notification to like your page. You can reach out to more people. They will like your page since they already like your content. You can go to your page insights to check post engagement. Check page summary for last 28 days. Go to the ?Posts? section. Scroll down to the post that has maximum engagement. Open the post and invite people to like your page. Create posts on your page that get more engagement. Ask people to like and comment on your posts


9. Competitions, to grow your Facebook page and its effects



Facebook competitions can get a huge amount of engagement. They give people an incentive to engage with your post. Make sure you add actions like share, comment to the post. You can create a viral effect by asking people to tag their friends. You can add a photo or video along with text to grab attention. You can update it later by announcing the competition is over. Check Facebook guidelines to understand how to word the post content. You can check other pages to get ideas. You can keep setting up competitions for giveaways to grow your page.


10. Facebook groups to market Facebook page



Groups that have your target audience are useful to promote your business. Search for groups that may have similar interests as your business. Find groups with large member size. You can read the group description to get more information. Look for active groups that post regularly. On the top click on 'Groups' to filter your search. Choose from options for public groups or private groups. Private groups need you to send a request to join. Open the group to check it and join. Promote your business indirectly in groups. Make a post where you talk about your business. Gather engagement by offering help and encouraging comments. You can project yourself as an expert in front of your target group. Respond to them in comments. Leave a link to your website or page in case they want to know more. Groups are used to help others and network with them. Do not post a link to your products or service directly. If you promote your business directly, you may get banned from the group.


11. Live videos of facebook to assist you, in growing your business



How to use live videos to grow your business. Check the top of your newsfeed and select 'Live video'. Make sure your computer is connected to a web camera. Select the page you want to share it on. Add a description of your video. Select your camera and microphone. You can share your screen by adding a chrome extension. Add a title for the video. Click on 'Go live' and the video recording will start with a countdown. You can read the comments as you are 'live' and respond to them. After you are done click on 'Finish' to end the video. A replay of your video will be posted on your timeline. You can promote your live video beforehand. Ask people to join in via notifications and email. You can promote your business in the comments. You can do live videos in Facebook groups.


12. Add multiple Admins on a Facebook page



Go to Settings, then Page roles. Assign a new page role. Add email id or name. Select the role as Admin. Click on 'Add'. You can select from different role options. You can read the description to find out what each role does. Click on 'Learn more' to check comparisons between roles. Admin has the most number of rights compared to others. You can assign different roles to your employees. It can be useful to share the workload from managing a page.


13. How to moderate comments and reviews on your Facebook page



When you create a post, you will see the comments below it. These comments are helpful for post engagement. But sometimes you will notice spam or unwanted comments. To keep your page and posts spam-free you will have to moderate them. Click on an unwanted comment and hide it. You can unhide, delete, report the comment, or ban the person. Banning spam profiles from your page will help to avoid future spam. When you ban a profile, they cannot comment on your post. If you want to unblock a profile, go to 'Settings'. Go to 'People and Other Pages'. Select and un-ban profiles using settings. Go to 'General' tab and turn on 'Profanity Filter' and set it to Medium or Strong. This will help you avoid bad comments and keep your page family-friendly. Use 'Page Moderation' to block specific words from comments. They can also be your competitor's names. Check the 'Reviews' section on your page. You can check and respond to reviews for your business here. It can help you interact with the customers and turn their negative review into positive. It shows your customers that you are taking their feedback into account. Try to keep your page rating above 4.6 stars. If you feel the rating the dropping try commenting and implementing the reviews.


14. Facebook Insights - The benefits



Click on insights tab on the top of your Facebook page. The overview report will show you a summary of your page. Overview will be for the past 7 days by default. You can change the timeframe. If you want to go beyond 28 days you can export the data. You can export data for up to 180 days at a time. You can set a month or quarter by selecting the dates and export the data. If you need more insights on how to grow your page go to individual reports. Click on 'Followers' to check the growth rate of your page. You can check net followers. You can check unfollows and organic followers. If someone likes your page, it will automatically start showing posts on their timeline. They will get notifications about updates to your page as well. You can like a page but stop following it to avoid seeing their posts on your timeline. You can check where your page follows happened. Click on 'Reach' to see how many people are seeing your posts. You can check it for one week, month, or quarter. You can check organic and paid reach. You can check details on likes, comments, and shares of your posts. Click on 'Actions on page'. It is used to check how many times someone has clicked the action buttons on-page. Actions such as Direction, website, and phone number. You can also check their age, gender, geographical location and device used.


15. How to use Facebook insights; Part 2



Go to 'Insights' on your page. Click on 'Posts'. You can check when your audience is online. This can help you understand the day and time of when you should post on your page. You can decide what type of posts to make based on reach and engagement. Check previous posts that have high engagement and make similar posts. Check the 'events' tab to launch a local event and promote it on your page. You can check the number of minutes watched of the videos you are posting. Click on the 'People' report to get details of your audience demographics. You can check fans, followers, reached, and engaged. You can check their gender and age. You can also check the country, city, and language. Depending on this you can decide which services/product do you want to post more about. Check the 'Messages' tab to see your conversations using the page and response time. If you are selling a product you can check the 'Orders' tab to keep track of sales.