Social media - Linkedin


1. Creation of a LinkedIn account



We must go to the page We will need an email and we have to create our password. Name of our LinkedIn account. We must do the security check. Login with our email and password. LinkedIn will send us a security code to our email to verify our account. We have created our LinkedIn account.


2. Our LinkedIn account



On the main page of our account we can see: Our profile, Our wall of publications and the publications of our contacts. News and opinions of the day. Our Network. Here we can see our contacts, groups and pages that we follow. Jobs. Here we can look for work according to our profile. Messenger service. Notifications. Configuration of our account.


3. Configuration of our Linkedin Profile



Let's go to View Profile In our profile we can: Upload our photo and company logo. We look for the folder that has the image we want to upload We can edit the photo And finally we click on apply We look for the folder that has the image we want to upload We can upload a photo to our profile Edit the name of our profile. Add a title to our profile. Add our current position and education. Country / Region. Location. Choose industry. Contact information. In our profile we can see the level or strength of the profile assigned to us by LinkedIn according to the content of the information uploaded. Once our profile is finished, we can send via message, save as PDF or create our summary.


4. Add Profile section



Add Profile section, Let's go to View Profile, In our profile we can add the following sections: Intro: We can find a job, We can add job preferences: Titles, locations, Start date, type of job. We can choose who sees you're open for job offers. Finally we start a post. We can review our post. Ready, we already publish that we are open to work. About:We can add a Summary, We will see how we level up in the creation of our profile. Featured:We can see our publications, articles, links and media.


5. Add profile section



Backgroud: We can add our Work Experience, We can add all the information of our work experience. Education: We can add all the information of our education. Licenses & Certifications: We can add all the information of our licenses & certifications. Volunteer Experience: Skills: We can add our skills and strengths. We can select the skills that LinkedIn suggests me according to our profile. Accomplishments: We can place our achievements as publications, patents, courses, projects and languages among others. Additional Information. Supported Languages: We can add more than one language to our profile. Finally, we can see how our profile has been updated


6. Complete profile on Linkedin



We go to our profile to edit it. In our profile we look for the section we want to edit. Check Linkedin experience. We added a previous position so others can easily find and connect with us. We must add: Previous job position, job type, Company we work for, Location, Start date and end date, Description


7. Publish a post on Linkedin



We can attach a video, Photo, Survey, or an article to any post on LinkedIn. To start a post, on LinkedIn, we write the title of the publication and a description. We use the (#) to classify our content. We attach the photo, video, or document that we want to publish. for this example, we attach an image. We give it to publish and that's it. Once published we can: Like, make a comment, share, and send as a message. To see the Publication go to our profile.


8. Post an article on LinkedIn



We go to the option," write article". We enter the title of our article and the content. We add an image or video. For this example, we attach an image We can change the format and font. And finally, we publish. We can share our article on other social networks. The articles will be fixed in the activities of our profile. We can add a previous position so that others can easily find us and connect with us.


9. Our network, on LinkedIn



Here we Manage our network We will see: Connections: Here we can see the contacts we have connected with. We can send you a message and remove the connection Contacts: Here we can see the contacts that have invited us to join their network. We can send messages and connect with them People I Follow Here we can see the contacts we are following


10. Our network on LinkedIn



We will see all the groups that we have joined. We will see all the groups we have joined and groups we have been invited to. We can Upload a photo and logo. We must write the name of the group and a description. We can add the location. We must define the permissions and finally, we create the group. We must invite the people with whom we have connected. Manage Notifications. We can share the group in a post. We can send the group a message. Start a conversation in the group. We add the title of the post We add an image, video or document. We publish it.


11. Features of our network, on LinkedIn



We can create an event. We can Upload a photo and logo. We add the name of the event. We add data, time, and timezone. We add the event description Pages: Here we have all the pages that we follow. Newsletters and Hashtags.


12. Jobs on LinkedIn



My Jobs: Saving jobs we are interested in. We add the title of the job that we want to search for. We select the job we want and save it. We can create alerts and notifications. Once jobs are saved We?ll find them here. Job alerts: Get notified about new jobs Once you create job alerts. Job recommendations: LinkedIn suggests jobs are based on the profile, job preferences, and activities.


13. Post a job, on LinkedIn



Post a Job: Here we can search and contract any service we need. We must indicate the job, the type of work, that we want to hire for. We add selection questions. We have to set the budget and pay when candidates view the jobs. We must indicate the payment method. Finally, we post the job.


14. Messaging on LinkedIn



Compose a new message. we have to find the contact, that we need to message. We type the message we want to send. We can add an image. attach a file. Send a gif. Add an emoji to our message. Finally, send. We can create New group conversation. We write the names of the participants and select them. We add the group name. Finally, you send the message.


15. Notifications on LinkedIn



Here we can see the activities of our contacts. We can delete the notification, Stop seeing and Stop receiving. View settings: Here we configure our notifications. We can decide which notifications, we are interested in receiving. Conversations, Jobs, Network, News, Profile.


16. Visibility of LinkedIn profile



Visibility of your profile & network: We can Make our profile and contact info only visible to those we choose. Profile viewing options: We can choose whether we?re visible or viewing in private mode. Story viewing options: We can choose whether you?re visible or viewing in private mode. Edit your public profile: We can choose how our profile appears to non-logged-in members via search. Who can see or download your email address: We can choose who can see our email address on our profile and in approved apps or download it in their data export


17. Visibility of LinkedIn profile



Who can see your connections: We can choose who can see your list of connections. Who can see your last name: We can choose how we want our name to appear. Representing your organization and interests: We can choose if we show our profile information on other content shown on LinkedIn. Profile visibility off LinkedIn: We can choose how your profile appears via partners? and other permitted services


18. Linkedin communications



We have controls to make sure we only get notified about what's important to us. On LinkedIn: Received via LinkedIn web and app Email: Received via your primary email Push: Pops up on your device Who can reach you: We can manage who you'd like to get communications from Invitations to connect: We can choose who can connect with us Invitations from your network: We can choose what invitations we'd like to receive from our network Messages: We can allow select people to message us Research invites: We can allow LinkedIn to invite us to participate in research


19. Linkedin messaging



Messaging experience: We can choose how would we like LinkedIn to customize our experience Read receipts and typing indicators: We can turn on "read receipts" and typing indicators Reply suggestions: We can turn on recommended replies when messaging


20. Linkedin account basics



Settings & Privacy Account preferences Profile information: Basic information associated with our profile Name, location, and industry: We can Choose how our name and profile fields appear to other members. Site preferences: Here we can manage our experience on LinkedIn Language: We can Select the language we will use on LinkedIn Content language: We Select the language we want content on LinkedIn translated into. Autoplay videos: We Choose if we want videos to autoplay in your browser Show profile photos: We Choose whether to show or hide profile photos of other members Feed preferences: We can customize our feed


21. Linkedin sign in and security



Account access Settings to help we keep your account secure Email addresses: Here we can add email accounts to LinkedIn Phone numbers: We can add a phone number in case we have trouble signing in. Change password: We can choose a unique password to protect your account. Where you?re signed in: We can See our active sessions, and sign out if We?d like. Devices that remember our password: We can Review and control the devices that remember our password. Two-step verification: We can activate this feature for enhanced account security