Social media - Pintrest


1. Creating a Pinterest account



Pinterest is a sharing social media service designed to enable the discovery of information and ideas, using images, animated gifs, and videos in form of pinboards. It can also be described as a visual search engine. There are two ways of accessing Pinterest, download the app on your device, you can access Pinterest with your browser too, choose whichever experience is better for you. once you open the app you?re given the option to log in or sign up, as a new user clicks on sign up. Provide the email address you want to be linked to your account, create a password, your age, this is to allow you access age-appropriate content same with gender and country to formulate related content, pick topics you are into, click on next and the home page is set up in tune with your entries. your new Pinterest account is created.


2. Setup profile on Pinterest



Once you open a pinterest account, your profile is blank and a username is assigned to you. In this video we will be seeing how to set up your profile. Go to your profile, click on the cog sign on the top right of your screen, you are taken to your setting. Click on edit profile, click on the + sign to add a profile picture, update your bio, add your website. change and add whatever information you want to share, click on done and now your profile is updates, not so blank and bare anymore.


3. Following accounts on Pinterest



Here, we are going to see how to follow accounts and expand your reach to content on Pinterest. On your home page, there are three tabs above, for you tab which are topics you picked when you opened the account, today tab, which are Pinterest suggestions for the day, and the following tab, pins from accounts you?re following. To follow the account go to the Search tab and type in any you have in mind. this is a business account, hence the shop function, it is verified as well. These are pins created originally created, these are boards and saved pins, just going to follow right here, you can search and follow as many accounts as you want, tried pins are pins inspired by other pins. If you go to the following tab, you can now see their pins. Another way to discover accounts is to search for topics, Pinterest automatically suggests accounts that post related content. If you also click on the suggested topics featured on the search tabs, you can also see accounts to follow.


4. Create boards on Pinterest



Boards are collections of pins dedicated to a theme such as food, fashion, quotations, travel, or weddings. Boards with multiple ideas can have different sections that further contain multiple pins. Here, we are going to learn how to create your Pinterest board. Go through your home feed, click on any post that interest you, click on the save option, you?re are given name suggestions to match the post, you can disregard, click on create a board and give it a name of your choice, you can make the board private that is only you can see it, click next. You?re given suggestions for topics related to your board, pick your interest, or skip. Click on done and now your board is created, you can now access it when you go to your profile. Discover and create as many boards as you want to.


5. Business account on Pinterest



The platform has drawn businesses, especially retailers, to create pages aimed at promoting their company online. It serves as a virtual storefront. In this video, we are going to be creating a business account. Go to your settings, click on get a free business account. Provide your email address, profile name, website, select a group that best describes your business. If you plan on running ads on Pinterest, the email provided was already used for the personal account, this is something that can be sorted out later by providing another email. Now your business profile is created, you can see clear differences. You have access to your insights, sell on Pinterest. Click on the business hub, you will see steps to fully set it up. One of the steps however cannot be activated on the app, that is, installing the Pinterest tag to track your ad. Click on edit info to add a profile picture, bio, and other contact information, click on the settings icon, and switch accounts to your personal account. All your information is still intact.


6. Privacy settings on Pinterest



In this video, we are going to be looking at ways to restrict certain activities and access on your Pinterest. Click on the cog icon, go to your privacy and data. here you can toggle on/off options you feel comfortable with, here is why when you search for an item or topic on the web you now start seeing related pins on your home feed, if you feel like that is too much access, turn it off. You can also make a board only visible to you, click on your preferred pin and save, create board, now you can see them pop up with the edit option, click on it. Toggle on keep board secret, click on done. Now if you go to your profile, it is part of your boards but there is a padlock sign, unlike the rest.


7. Pinterest analytics



Pinterest analytics is a service that generates statistics, when you click on see more, the full breakdown is displayed, impressions, engagements, engaged audience, top pins, etc are some of the data analytics Pinterest provides. The top pins show you which of your posts/pins is doing well based on impressions engagements etc. it also collects data that depicts the percentage of change within a certain set timeframe and helps determine if a product is more popular at a specific time. Now you can strategize and alter your content to the most appealing.


8. Shopping on Pinterest



Pinterest provides shopping catalogs for retail businesses to display their goods and sell directly on the application. This is an example that has their products with their prices. when you click on the product and go to visit, you are redirected to their website where you can purchase. This is a very easy way of knowing the products brands have available. You can filter your search by prices or time added.


9. Visual search on Pinterest



The visual search is a very interesting feature on Pinterest that allows users to search for items whose names are unknown or similar items by using images. It is basically search made easy. if you go to the search tab, on the top right there is a camera logo, when you tap on the picture you can either take a picture or choose a picture from your camera roll. We?ll just take a picture of this book and it searches. Now you can see related images, this is just an easier way and more convenient way of searching for exactly what you have in mind. You can also search for visually similar images from pins but that option is only available for pins you?ve saved. Go to the pin, click on the three dots beside the save button, go to search for visually similar.


10. Creating visual content on Pinterest



The process is simple, pins encouraging users to try new things perform best. Videos should not run for more than 15 seconds, it doesn?t matter for all your videos. Have a clear defined hook at the beginning. Do not focus a lot on the audio, the message should be clear with subtitles and images. Use a strong thumbnail image so people know right away what they are about to watch. Lastly optimize your content, consistently written titles, descriptions and hashtags make you more reliable and memorable. Click on the + sign to add a pin, you can select a picture on your camera roll, take a picture or search the internet. Add a title, description, and website. However, you can upload videos on a business account. switch to your business account, there is a create tab, click on it. now you can access your video files, as well as make videos. pick your video and click on next, choose your cover image or thumbnail. Add title, description, and website. Add tags so you can be seen by users looking in your niche topic, create your board, and post your pin.