Social media - Snapchat


1. Create a snapchat account



Go to your app store and download Snapchat. Snapchat is a social media application where every post of snap stories as it is called only lasts for 24 hours. you connect with your friends and public figures and see their day to day activities. You also have access to fun filters for your pictures and videos which is what the app is really popular for, games, online magazines, and mini-shows. Once you open the app, you are given the option to log in or sign up. Click on the log in, provide your name, add your birthday. click continue, you are assigned a username you can change the username, create a password, click continue to add your email address. click continue, add your phone number for verification, you can link your contacts, create your bitmoji which is a character that looks like you. You can skip and your account is ready.


2. Following and Subscribing on snapchat



In this video, you are going to see how to add contacts and subscribe to popular accounts. Go to the discover tab. here are contacts you might know, below are popular accounts, celebs, and the like. You subscribe to these types of accounts because they have a large number of followers. accounts with a blue circle is an indication they have a story(ies) up. you can subscribe to a couple that gets your interest. When you go to your stories tab, you can see stories from accounts you follow and subscribe to when they post, you can search for people if you have their username. some shows are updated on Snapchat as well, subscribe to get updates of new episodes of ones you enjoy. Magazines are also available on Snapchat. Search and enjoy the full Snapchat experience.


3. Uploading stories on snapchat



In this video we are going to look at how to make a post or upload your Snapchat story, once you open the app, the first view you get is the camera access where you upload stories, you can see the filters by the side. You can simply take a picture or long-press to make a video, we'll simply take a picture, by the side you can see the different features you can add to your story. Text, write on text, animated gifs, and a lot more. Just explore and be creative with it. Swipe right for more filters. You can add texts, write-on texts, emojis, location, etc. you can trash an effect by dragging it to the bottom and dropping it in the bin. drag to align too. Click on send to, you can send to your story or Snapchat's public story that is featured in snaps in your location. You can send to a group as indicated on the top right or your friends, once you?ve posted, tap on the circle that takes you to your profile and see your views As well as saves the post on your camera roll. Another way you can and stories are by tapping the photo icon on the left side of the camera function. here you can access your camera roll and previously saved Snapchat stories.


4. Privacy settings for Snapchat



In this video, we are going to learn how to restrict certain activities as well as access to certain functions on your Snapchat account. Click on the circle that takes you to your profile, click on the gear sign at the top right corner, now you?re in the application settings. In the who you can section, you can restrict who can contact you, view your story know your location, etc. here you can erase data that you want to erase. Go through your settings and tweak them to your standard.


5. Games on Snapchat



Snapchat game is a fun feature that enables users to randomly connect and engage in friendly competition. To find games, go to the discover tab, scroll down, and just below the trending lenses, you will see a selection of popular games, click on any you are inclined to save your first and last name and save, click continue. you can invite your friends or play with random users, have fun!